My name is Mahshad Jalalian and 32 years old. after couple years occupied with employee at the different company; I see myself very disappointed. I worked for high-level company with very great situation, but it is not pleasing. I need more exhilaration.
I want to express my inside to show how I see the world and my hometown first of all and travel to all over the world to reach the new experiences. So, I have started photography and I find it so exiting. after held couple Expo in Documentary photography. I have chance to joint News agency to work as phot journalist and loves every single up and downs or any single moment of stay connect with the people who I get connected and take shoot of them
I took a shoot. I find my passion finally!
eventually, I started to go each side of my hometown country Iran to find my shoot. I believe that finding a location or subject to photograph is like finding a good grape to made wine. so literally I just search to find best grape ever.
As long as I go far on my photography career and find amazing people. I find pure beauty and admire that.
after a while, I started to go abroad to expand my border view, to discover other culture and people. I went to country near Iran o took shoot and enjoy. first, I went to Turkey and after that I travel to Kurdistan region. I select very good photo series that reminds the lovely Yazidi Girl who escape ISIS. my very next step is India and the last is Afghanistan. I reach there after empower Taliban.
Furthermore, I am always search for new story to narrative.

Over the past few years, a series of droughts have gripped Afghanistan, causing reservoirs and other water bodies to dry up. According to Afghan scientists, the recent droughts are illustrative of the broader impact of climate change on a country already ravaged by decades of conflict and poor water management. The situation was exacerbated in 2021, when the Taliban seized control of the country.
Consequently, worked based on farming has damaged and so many family-father are jobless. “There is no water, there is no business for me, and without work, I cannot feed my family,” a father said.
From 2 years ago so many families displaced from Farah and Badghis to this Camp. Sheydaee Camp located near to Herat. The families move in , looking for a job in big cities. However, during empower of the Taliban situation getting worth so, they are selling their kids based on their Gender and their ages in different prices. Girls sell to older man for marriage mostly before reach the age 8 and the baby boy sold for different purpose like labor kid.


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